faithfulness spell

Faithfulness Spells give you peace of mind and enable you to trust him or her completely. With these love spells, your lover, spouse or partner will be completely faithful to you. His or her desire will be only for you!
These love rituals eradicate all desire for others; overwhelming desire for you and you alone will take over. You won’t have to worry about straying thoughts, adultery or even wandering eyes when the magical forces of this spell take force. He or she is guaranteed to be so focused on you that any thoughts of another person will be banished from his or her mind forever!

How Spells can Help with Cheating and Infidelity

Many people are not aware of the fact that spell casting can be carried out to keep your husband, wife or lover faithful to you. These spells help in removing any feelings that may attract your partner to another person. Any such feelings are removed through potent and effective magical forces.

Infidelity in a relationship can ruin the bond between two people, and causes lasting damage to trust, happiness and even love. The other person is left un cared for and it is quite natural that they feel cheated, betrayed, hurt and abused. Faithfulness Spells work on several levels to get rid of the problem and ensure your partner remains true, honest and faithful. Not only will the magical energies remove the unwanted third-party from your lives, it will eliminate the opportunities that could make your partner cheat again. This is especially helpful when your partner is a serial cheater and is easily attracted to other people.

Are Faithfulness Spells right for you?

If you have already tried many things to stop your partner from cheating and to rebuild the trust and love within your relationship, then magic spells are an option for you to finally solve the problem. You can either cast one of the following spells on your own, or hire a professional spell caster to solve the problem for you. With the help of nature, the universe and the magical forces you can see unbelievable results after the spell has been cast and the energies have manifested.

Even if there isn’t a lack of lust, desire, affection and sexual attraction within your relationship, the love spell to keep a lover faithful will reinforce these feelings within the partner that has strayed. The spells also contain a protection mechanism that will protect these feelings and keep them always with you.

What is important with Faithfulness Spells is that you trust the process, and that you follow the instructions correctly without any possible errors or mistakes. Once the forces become active, your life will change forever.

White Magic Faithfulness Spell

White magic allows us to work with the loving, helpful energies of the universe to bring about positive changes in our lives and relationships and remove the negative energies that sometimes impact our love relationships. If your partner is not truly committed to your relationship, then this spell might not work in the way that you expect.

Are love spells to keep your partner faithful effective? Love spells are based on the emotions of the person whom you love. For instance if you are sure that your partner loves you a lot but is for some reason involved in adultery then love spells can be used go keep him or her faithful only to you. If he or she is not at all interested in you then you must use a love spell to make him fall in love you first. Thus be sure of your emotions before resorting to a spell to keep your partner faithful.

Things You’ll need for Stop Cheating Spell

  • Rose Incense
  • 1 white candle
  • 1 red candle
  • Matches
  • Athame, Knife or toothpick
  • Sheet of Paper
  • 1 pencil

How to Cast the White Magic Faithfulness Spell

Cast your circle and light the rose incense. Start the ritual by carving your first name into the white candle using the athame, and your partner’s first name into the red candle. Light the white candle with a match, then light the red candle with the flame of the white candle.

For the next 30 minutes focus on the candle as it burns. Visualizing your situation and how much you wish for your partner to stay faithful to you, to stop any adultery, cheating and unfaithfulness.

Take the pencil and draw 3 hearts on the sheet of paper. Now, take the white candle and drip wax onto the hearts while you are visualizing and focusing on what you are feeling for your partner and what you are willing to give. Admit any mistakes you may have made in the past and visualize on what you will change to make the relationship better.

Once you have covered the hearts with white wax blow off the white candle.

Take the red candle and drip wax on the hearts while you are visualizing and focusing on what you want to receive in return from your partner. That you don’t want him or her to develop any feeling for anyone but you and that you’ll be the only one that he or she wants to be with.

Once you have covered the hearts with red wax blow off the red candle. Repeat for 7 days using the same piece of paper but drawing new hearts on it during each ritual session. Let the candles burn out after the 7th and final ritual. Hide the paper at a safe place where nobody can ever find it. Return it to nature once you are sure that your partner is faithful to you.

Voodoo Spell to Keep your Partner Faithful

This Voodoo Spell to Keep your Partner Faithful instills and ignites the feelings of passion and love for you through out your relationship. It will make sure that the partner, be it the husband, wife or the lover, will remain faithful to you and will have romantic feelings that no other external force can eradicate. The love spell eliminates the negative energy that can drive one to adultery, thus making sure that your partner holds feelings only for you!

Voodoo is an ancient and powerful magical and religious path that originated in Africa and was later dispersed to places such as Haiti, Jamaica, and New Orleans. Although there have been many negative portrayals of Voodoo perpetuated by the media in the form of books, films, and television programs that fail to accurately portray the truth of matters, Voodoo is, in reality, a positive and life-affirming religion.

True, there are those who misuse the power of Voodoo in order to wreak havoc and cause harm to others, but this does not mean that Voodoo is itself inherently harmful or evil. Use this effective Voodoo Faithfulness Spell to keep your partner true and honest. If you focus your will and use the power of your visualization as you perform this faithfulness spell, then you will reap the benefits that Voodoo has to offer. Perform this love spell with an open heart and a belief in the power of Voodoo to improve your life, and it will prove highly effective.

Things You’ll need for the Voodoo Spell

  • Red Candle
  • Construction Paper or card board
  • Scissors
  • small bowl
  • larger bowl
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1 tbsp dill herb
  • 1 tbsp basil
  • Lwa to call upon: Erzulie

Easy Witchcraft Spell for Faithfulness

If you are worried that you partner might succumb to temptation, you can use this witchcraft spell to make sure that he or she remains faithful to you. This spell will work by allowing your partner to realize that he or she does want to remain faithful to you should temptation arise. Whether you are worried about some immediate temptation or just the threat of future temptations, or even if your partner has already been unfaithful, this spell can work to maintain fidelity in your relationship without manipulating your partner or harming your relationship.

Witchcraft does not operate through coercion or manipulation. Instead, it allows people to realize their true feelings, which may be hidden, denied, or repressed. So if you would like to keep your partner faithful, you can use this spell without the fear that what you are doing will interfere with his or her free will. Witchcraft allows you to join the power of your own mind with the powers of the natural, spiritual, and elemental forces that surround us and subtly influence our lives. When you do this, you are unlocking the potential of your higher self.

Since this witchcraft ritual has grown out of Wicca, which recognizes the divinity in all of nature, there is absolutely no room in witchcraft spells for manipulation. So when you use this spell to keep your partner faithful, your higher self will align with your lover’s own true intentions and feelings to bring about the best possible future for your relationship.

Results may vary from individual to another