Have you ever met someone that makes you really want them, not only physically and mentally but also emotionally?

The saddest part of loving a person is that they do not feel as same as you do.

If they have no feeling for you, how can they stay with you forever?

Maybe we know how to solve this matter!

Nowadays, there are plenty of love spells working overnight available that allow you to practice anytime and anywhere. You will easily find the spell that helps you handle your current situation – it’s up to your needs.

The only matter you should concern when using any love spell is your intention as well as energy. If you show any bad intention or negative thought in mind, then the spell will stop working.

Love means giving your partner freedom, doing everything for their happiness, and not forcing them to change their true self. Casting love spells using magic will only help you attract the true mate of your life, not controlling their mind.

If you take the advantage of love magic in the right way, you can not only improve your personality but also become a better person.

The following are some of the love spells that have been proven to work

Attraction spell

Let’s start with the easy one!

This is also known as the drawing spell or magnet spell which means you can take advantage of it to attract someone near to you. Commonly practiced, the spell’s use is to capture the attention of a specific person that you are interested in.

Also have a look into other love spells for a particular individual!

For those who likely want to start a new romance or plan to add more affection in a dying relationship, you can consider trying this attraction spell.

Tranquility spell

As the name says it all, the main use of this spell is to tranquilize as well as neutralize someone else. You should try the tranquility spell whenever there’s a tension between you and your partner.

Love spell using the imagination

Many feel very surprised with the fact that imaginative exercise can help you cast a love spell. Is it true? Yes, this kind of spell will work by making use of your visualization without any ingredient.

There will be no limitation to a simple visualization – feel free and comfortable to imagine anything within the mind that you think it can help bringing the best result to what you are yearning for.

Keep in mind that spells using imagination must be as specific as possible, from colors, sounds, and concept to sensations or anything else. Otherwise, the outcome of the spell to your intent will not meet your expectation.

Put both of your thought and effort into the imaginative spell for a better consequence.

Communication love spell

You have some problems in communicating with your partner?

Maybe a communication love spell is able to assist you! You could also make use of this spell to enhance the quality of your conversation with your target subject.

Open-road love spell

Of all love spell chants, this is the only spell that can help you heal and strengthen the connection between you and your mate when there are some downfalls in your relationship.

Open-road love spell is a good option in situations where obstacles or negative energy block the happiness of two people in a love romance.

Domination love spell

Another type of love spells that work immediately very popular among practitioners is the domination spell that helps you control the individual who you think as your soulmate. People also know about this as the compelling spell, commanding spell, or bend over spell.

Don’t try to control over the mind of anyone if you have bad intention.

Passion & desire love spell

Love is nothing without passion and desire, right?

You have yearned to do a lot of things with your partner at the beginning of the relationship; however, things seem to fade away when time passes.

Here comes an extremely powerful love spell that is believed to be capable of bringing back all of your passion and desire have been lost in the relationship.

Endulcimientos spell

What does ‘endulcimientos’ mean?

According to some experts in casting spells, this word is defined as something sweet like sugar or honey. Known as the sweetening spell, honey jar spell or sugar spell, this type of love spell can help increase the attraction, connection, intimacy and desire between two involved individuals in a romantic relationship.

By using the endulcimientos spell, you can change the behavior and attitude of your love interest in a better way, making them nicer to you.

Amarres spell

If you have heard about the binding or tying love spells, this is the spell sharing similar uses as those. By doing the amarres spell, you will be able to keep the one you have a crush on next to you most of the time.

Intranquility love spell

What is the intranquility love spell about?

Once you cast this spell, the targeted person will become nervous; this matter can be solved only if they make contact with you – or exactly the one who did the whole session.

Lust & sex love spell

Of course this spell is to seduce and increase the lust as well as sex drive from the individual of your choice.

But, don’t think the lust & sex spell can only help you find the physical joy and satisfaction. In fact, the connection between the couple during the lovemaking will develop their love and bond shared to each other.

If you feel that your relationship is meeting an end, then probably this spell will enable you to bring back the energy that both might have lost.

Black magic love spells

You all know black magic, right?

Most black magic love spells just work effectively in a short term. I put these in the last spot of the list as I don’t really recommend you to use them. The reason is because those spells’ purpose is to FORCE love and MANIPULATE the person you have a crush on.

Throat Singing

Throat singing is a wonderful, traditional spell type. To do this spell, you actually spend five days resting. Then, you fast for three days. When you are ready to cast the spell, start by sitting down in a relaxed position with your back straight.

Close your eyes and focus your mind. You can use throat singing or chanting in the rest of the steps. First, repeat the name of your beloved several times. Then, ask for your beloved to hear you and to love you. Repeat their name several more times and go over your previous commands again. To end the spell, seal the magic by singing that your beloved should listen to your commands and obey you.

The Heart Chant

This is an extremely simple spell to do. It is perfect if you do not have a lot of time or the ingredients for more complex spells. By repeating this spell over and over again, you can increase its power and potency.

Start by making the shape of your heart with your hands. If you are in public, you can do this in a very nonchalant way because your heart does not have to be perfectly shaped. Once you have made the heart, imagine the type of love and relationship that you would like to have. Then, chant in your mind or aloud the following spell, “Bring me the love that I desire. Thank you, divine, for hearing me.” You can exchange the word “divine” for the higher power that you believe in. If you do not believe in a higher power, you can substitute “universe” for this instead.

The Visualization Love Spell

To do this simple spell, find a quiet place to sit down and close your eyes. Spend a few minutes focusing your mind. Once your mind is clear and ready to focus, start thinking about the person that you would like to cast the spell on. Spend several seconds imagining their face and focusing entirely on them. Try to make a very vivid, clear mental image.

After you can see their face within your mind, tell the person exactly how you feel and what you would like them to know. Let them know that you would like to have a relationship with them and would like them to fall in love with you. Pour out your heart to the visualization of your crush.

Once you have finished with the visualization, continue by imagining the two of you joining together in the type of relationship that you want to have. Then, asked to be blessed by the love and outcome that you want from the spell.

Results may vary from individual to another