white magic

White magic is believed to encompass spells like healing spells, luck spells or protective spells to name a few. Such spells are cast and used with a clean and a pure intention of doing good.

Those who practice white magic often are regarded as witches, priests, priestess, or shamans. White witches often use amulets or talismans when casting magic spells and that is why, the talismans and amulets are often associated with good luck or good fortune.

Understanding White Magic

White magic speaks of the spell caster or the witch as a person of high ethics and morals, because they use their powers and abilities towards the good, unlike many who resort to dark magic to cause destruction and harm. Often, witches are stereotyped as those who are evil, dangerous and who resort to black magic. They are wrongly looked down upon when the fact is that the vast majority of practitioners use magic for good and have only good and peaceful intentions. It is about time that the notion towards Wiccans and other white magic practitioners changes.

Many believe that it is white magic that is making the world go round and it is white magic that always sustains. How else would you explain the miraculous and almost surreal Godly events that practitioners and witches make happen? What you believe is finally up to you.

It’s common in the world to separate things into what’s good and what’s bad. This sort of thinking makes things easier and it makes things clearer in terms of decision-making and possible outcomes. In the case of magic, there are two forms that many believe to be the categories for spells: white magic and black magic. But what is white magic and why is it considered to be ‘better’ than black magic?

The Practice of Positive Magic

White magic is the practice of magic that is not for the self or for any malevolent purpose. It is the use of magical powers to create something positive in the world, e.g. a happy result, a new life, a new love, etc. It is thought that the world is inherently a positive place, and when you tap into the energy of the universe, you will be tapping into the positive energies that already want to help the humans.

Some scholars have also pointed out that white magic can be a phrase used to encapsulate anyone that is doing ‘high magic.’ This is a highly-structured form of magic, with outlined rituals and certain phases that are said in each sacred circle.

Still others focus on the idea that white magic is the magic that has clear and positive intentions. The user of white magic might want to make themselves more effective or reach a higher spiritual plane as a part of their ritual workings. They use this magic to be better so as to do better and be a better person.

The Benefits of White Magic

When you use white magic, you can work in accordance with the Threefold Law. That is, you can send out positive energy and intentions and then enjoy them coming back to you threefold. With a positive magical approach, you have no fear of retribution or bad results, and you can feel in integrity with the work you are doing.

You can use white magic to better yourself, to heal yourself, or to bring love to yourself. In fact, you can use white magic for nearly anything that you want to bring into your life, without having to say that you want to remove anything from your life. In this positive magic, you can simply call into yourself the power of the universe to improve your life, and then you can enjoy the positive results.

Others also include dream interpretation, fortune telling, and healing as parts of the practice of white magic. Tapping into the energy of the universe for positive interactions is a positive thing.

Not everyone believes that white magic is the best approach, and they are welcome to that opinion. However, if you are interested in bettering yourself and bettering the world around you, white magic is the path that can help you – without harming anyone or anything in the process.

Spells to do with White Magic

White Magic Spell to bring back lost lover

If your lover’s heart is open and you were both deeply in love at one time, then the Spell to Bring back a Lover will help to unblock negative energy and thoughts surrounding the partner to reopen his or her heart to fall in love again. Once the subject feels this sensation, he or she will be able to fall back in love with you and rekindle their former flame. The spell continues to strengthen the bond by eliminating the negative energy that surrounds the relationship due to the break up. You will be able to begin your relationship over again as if you two were going out for the first time all over again.

What this Love Spell can do for You

  • Rekindle your old flame
  • Create a stronger bond
  • Bring back a Lover
  • The chance to begin the relationship over again
  • Feel the urgent need to reunite

White Magic Spell to find true love

Marriages are to be made in Heaven. That is probably why we all search for soul-mates and life partners and not just a “husband” or a “wife”. True love lasts for eternity. Well, every time you fall in love that is what you think and feel, until you break-up that is! And then the search begins afresh again. But how will you know where or who your true love is. Surely true love cannot be a trial and error method; after all it is your heart, your emotions and your life that you are putting at stake. Fortunately for lesser mortals like us, there are love spells for finding true love. When you use this White Magic Spell to Find true Love you will work with the power of your mind in concert with the elemental forces found in Nature to bring about positive changes in your own life and the lives of others.

White Magic passion spell

Sometimes a love relationship will lose its spark. This happens when two people have been together for a while. You get comfortable and then you fall into a rut. This is perfectly normal but not much fun. Passion is part of the reason the two of you got together in the beginning and may just need to be rekindled again. You can use this White Magic Passion Spell to find that lost passion for each other.

A lot of factors can cause strain on a relationship and in turn can cause sex and lust to disappear. This causes even more stress between a couple and if there is no passionate affection this takes it to a whole new level of stress. All of these factors and many more can cause distance and an emotional distance between the couple.

White Magic Spell to fix a relationship

Every relationship has its ups and downs. When you are experiencing troubles with your partner, you can use this White Magic Spell to Fix a Relationship to remove any problems or obstacles that may be negatively impacting your relationship. White magic allows us to harness the benevolent, positive energies that fill the universe in order to better our own lives and the lives of those we care for. You can use white magic to attract positive energies to your relationship and drive out the negative energies that are troubling your love life. Use this spell if you wish to heal a troubled relationship or even just remove any minor problems that have popped up to threaten your happily ever after. Always keep in mind that what the universe grants in a particular situation might not exactly match the expectations that we have for that situation.

You might think that the problem should be solved in a specific way, and so you might ask the higher powers to offer you a solution that matches your expectations. The higher powers, however, might have something entirely different in mind for you. White magic works, but the outcome of a spell might not take the exact form that we were expecting. If you trust that the higher powers can assist you in banishing negativity from your most important relationships, and if you keep your heart and mind open to possibilities, the divine powers will guide you to the tools and resources that you need to remove problems from your relationship.

White Magic Spells – How to make someone fall in love

When America wrote the lyrics for their all time hit ‘You Can Do Magic’, they definitely ended soothing the souls of many suffering from a broken heart. Yes, white magic love spells to make someone fall in love are pure and can be cast with good intentions to bring back lost love or attract someone you always desired. The objective of these spells is to create and send positive energies in order to be effective with a positive outcome. Without the presence of negative thoughts and evil intentions white magic love spells can work wonders for your love life.

How White Magic Love Spells Work

Meditation, prayer, chanting, and the transfer of positive energies create the strongest vibrations that have the ability to transform broken love into something potent and powerful. Every human being has an inherent source of energy, the power of which may lie dormant but never diminishes. These powers are what come to the forefront when casting spells. No costumes, complicated rituals, or ceremonies are required except the passion to cast a potent love spell that can arouse the passions in your lover.

Your inner beliefs and wishes are what white magic love spells work on to bring about a positive change in your love life. Often, these rituals involve simple tools such as flowers, candles, herbs, essential oils, pen and paper, and incense. These tools are the medium through which you unleash your positive energies and power into the universe. These positive energies are your thoughts and intentions which can soon become reality. Therefore, it is important to focus on your desires when casting white magic love spells. The tools help generate more energy and power to create the positive change you are aiming for.

Results may vary from individual to another